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About Us

The vision for Vessels was placed on to Kamryn’s heart over a year ago, and has been nurtured this year upon the authentic divine connection between Kamryn and Tony. They bonded instantly in their calling to aid in the rising of human consciousness. We're passionate about reintroducing ourselves to the tools and wisdom we were all in tune with so deeply, and still have within us at our core. We are here with arms wide to those who are open to receiving and evolving. We're thrilled to welcome you as Vessels on this blissful journey back to BEing.


There is no US without U.


Kamryn’s Bio


Peace beings . I’ve always had a passion to help others , and began seeking opportunities in which I could do so. For so long, I’ve always asked my higher self and the universe to reveal to me what my gifts are and my mission here on earth in this lifetime. I began aiding in healing others in 2016 when I began massaging. Not only was I helping others aid in their healing journey, I began healing myself and  rediscovering my innate gifts. I have a better understanding as to what was already instilled in me. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized and understood how our childhood is a huge factor in how we are as we grow older, and our relationship with ourselves and others. I looked back into my journey as a kid and wanted to understand and change the habits that were not my own , and understand why I attracted certain people and things into my life. I also am aware that our gifts are vibrant as children and we may not necessarily have a foundation to where those gifts are able to flourish. As a child, I felt shut down at times when I wanted to speak and did not know how to effectively communicate. As I’ve grown wiser, I’ve realized that speaking life into my self and others has been one of my amazing gifts and purposes here on earth in this lifetime. Creating Vessels is a huge download I’ve received from divine,  my higher self , the universe , and my spiritual guardians.

I’ve never really cared much for social media, and I see Vessels as a way for all beings to disconnect from technology and social media to re-Connect mentally, physically, and spiritually with everyone, and yourself first. Also, tapping into things that we innately used to do, instead of losing our basic functions as a human. Example, memory. I noticed first hand how easy it was for me to remember my friends phone numbers and remember things by heart instead of having to look up a number. We’ve become so co-dependent on technology . I’m excited for you all to join us on this journey of coming back to self.

Tony’s Bio


Have you ever looked up at the sky and wondered where the stars come from, and then realized you came from them? From my tender years as a child, I’ve always questioned what the bigger picture of reality is. Not simply for myself, but for all living beings on earth. What is the bigger picture for all of us? I haven’t found the answer quite yet, but I’m getting closer, and with your help we might crack the code. I believe all living beings are connected, and the idea that we’re separate is an illusion. I’ve realized that society has been buying into an overwhelmingly negative, scarcity based, and insecure mindset. Although our true essence is love, joy, creativity, and serenity. At 18 I began diligently curating my new personal reality with reading, meditation, and prayer. Throughout my journey, I’ve developed my gifts from divine source energy in the performing arts. I’ve been working as an Actor, Dancer, Choreographer, Singer, and DJ/MC for many years now. While I remain passionate and active in the arts, I feel called to a deeper purpose within Vessels. My intention in everything I do is to help others become the best version of themselves, and in turn this helps me become the best version of myself. I live to love, and love to live. I look forward to helping you tune into all your power, peace, and potential!

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